Sinus Headache Being Caused by Dental Problems

Is Your Sinus Headache Being Caused by Dental Problems?

Dental Treatment Can Reduce Your Sinus Infection Symptoms 

A sinus headache can be a real problem for those who have it, especially if it is ongoing. Taking medications for sinus pain may not provide the kind of relief you need because it may have another cause – teeth problems. An infection in your teeth or gums may actually be the source of your pain, which may also be why sinus remedies are not giving you the desired result.


Infections and Sinus Problems

Your sinuses lie very close to the rear of your mouth. This closeness could easily enable an infection in your gums or teeth near the rear of your mouth to travel to your sinuses, making them become infected, too. People often allow tooth infections to continue for some time before seeking treatment. 

If you do not know of a connection, you may be trying to treat the symptoms repeatedly but actually avoiding the real cause. This may be why you have ongoing headaches and have not yet found a cure for sinus headaches. 

 The opposite is also true. Sinus problems can lead to toothaches due to their close proximity to the upper jaw. If you have tooth pain when you have sinus problems, it is a good idea to check with a dentist to ensure that you also do not have a tooth or gum infection. 


Symptoms of Tooth Pain

When your sinus cavities become infected, they are likely to put pressure on some of your upper teeth. This will cause there to be some pain when you bite, or it may produce a dull and constant pain. 


Symptoms of a Sinus Headache

Many people confuse a sinus headache with a migraine. While some of the symptoms do occur in both, a sinus headache is rather easily distinguishable from a migraine. A sinus headache will include pressure or pain in your cheeks, forehead, or brow. You will also likely have a stuffy nose, nasal discharge, a fever, and an ache in your upper teeth. Fatigue will also often accompany a sinus headache, and you may have a cough and an earache. 

With a migraine, however, you may feel nauseous or vomit, and bright lights and noise will bother you. The weather is also apt to affect it, as well as stress, and it will definitely limit your ability to carry out your normal duties – probably making you unable to function. The confusion between a sinus headache and a migraine is so common that about 90 percent of people who think they have a sinus headache actually have migraines. 


Other Causes of Headaches

It is also possible that your headaches could be caused by a combination of sinus infections and other issues. One of them could include a temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ. This occurs when your jaw bones do not move together as they should. One side may not move as freely as the other side due to arthritis, or being worn more on that side. Grinding of the teeth can also cause it, which can result in headaches. 

The presence of an abscess could also be the cause of your headaches. An abscess is caused by the formation of a pocket that becomes full of infection. It is caused by inflammation of the gums or from a decaying tooth. 


Going to a Doctor

You might go to a doctor to get a solution to your sinus headaches. The medicine prescribed may help for a little while, but if the cause is dental, you will find that the headaches continue until the dental problem is taken care of. If a root canal is needed, it will remedy the infection and your sinus headaches will be greatly reduced. 


The Dental Cure

Although you may be given antibiotics for the infection, if the tooth is not fixed, you will continue to have sinus headaches. The tooth or gum problems need to be remedied before you will get a solution to your headaches. 

When you have a sinus headache that is the result of an infected tooth, the tooth will need to be repaired first. This is going to require a root canal, if it is determined that the tooth is salvageable. The cap will be removed, and the nerves in the tooth will be destroyed. A disinfectant will be applied, and then the tooth will be sealed. After this, a temporary cap will be put on it until the new crown can be made. 

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