12 Facts About Invisalign Aligners

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12 Facts About Invisalign Aligners

Conventional braces can often be viewed as unsightly for many adults. Spending months or years with metal brackets and arch wires in their mouth is not their idea of utopia. Luckily, the invention of Invisalign – the transparent retainer-based correction system was born. Since its inception, our Champion Dental family dentist practice has often been asked if Invisalign is the right option.

We recommend speaking with your family dentist or a trusted orthodontist who is experienced in the Invisalign system. They will have a great understanding of how the process works, and they have seen the great results the Invisalign system can deliver. Be aware that you might not get a recommendation to utilize Invisalign to correct your alignment issues.

Invisalign Transparent VS Metal Braces

What Invisalign Treats and Doesn't Treat

Invisalign has proven to be popular among adults and teens alike who prefer to forsake the appearance of metal braces and the scratching that occurs with them. Initially, Invisalign was used to treat mild cosmetic dental issues for adults. Since then, the corrective process has evolved to correct gapped teeth, overbite, overcrowding, crossbite, and underbite.

However, teeth that are severely rotated or tipped make it difficult for this system to correct. Through the years, braces have evolved so doctors can now precisely manage the teeth’ repositioning in question. Invisalign is a great option, but it still isn’t as precise as metal braces.

Invisalign Facts

We’ve compiled a complete list of 15 facts about Invisalign that may help you make an informed decision regarding your orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Fact #1

Because laboratory fees for Invisalign are more costly than traditional braces, Invisalign braces will cost more than conventional braces. Those higher fees are paid directly to the Invisalign manufacturer, Align Technology.

Invisalign Fact #2

Even though the technology is continually improving, there are some complicated orthodontic instances that even Invisalign aligners can’t successfully treat.

Invisalign Fact #3

Contrary to popular belief, Invisalign braces are no more or less uncomfortable or painful than metal braces. It is a fact that all braces cause at least minor discomfort because they are designed to apply steady pressure on the teeth to maximize corrective movement.

Invisalign Fact #4

In most cases, it will take the same amount of time to treat and successfully correct your teeth, regardless of whether you opt for Invisalign or conventional braces.

Invisalign Fact #5

Invisalign is considered a specialty treatment utilized for realigning your teeth. The manufacturer of Invisalign, Align Technology, does not diagnose or treat dental cases. Success and failure heavily rely on the skill of the specialist providing the specialty treatment.

Invisalign Fact #6

An orthodontist trained and experienced in Invisalign treatments is most likely to have successful outcomes with this realignment process.

Invisalign Fact #7

Over 1,000,000 dental patients worldwide have been treated with Invisalign, and the number steadily increases daily.

Invisalign Fact #8

Invisalign trays are removable, giving you the flexibility to eat and drink whatever you choose. Brushing and flossing your teeth as you usually would is recommended.

Invisalign Fact #9

Metal brackets and wires are non-existent with Invisalign treatment. This eliminates the need for frequent adjustments during your dental visits.

Invisalign Fact #10

Invisalign aligners are custom-made from thermoplastic material, look similar to teeth-whitening trays, and are designed to shift your teeth in the sequence best-determined by your dentist.

Invisalign Fact #11

Many patients require retainers after Invisalign treatment to keep the teeth from shifting back to their pre-treatment positions.

Invisalign Fact #12

To achieve a successful realignment outcome, you must wear Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. Desired results won’t be achieved if the aligners are not worn for the specified amount of time.

Invisalign Fact #13

Invisalign aligners are changed about every two weeks. Complex movements require three weeks of wear, and less complex movements require ten days.

Metal Braces Versus Invisalign Transparent Aligner Trays

Invisalign Requires Less Dental Visits

If you’re in search of an option that allows fewer visits to the dentist, Invisalign is a great option. For most patients, check-ups are scheduled six weeks apart. Additionally, with Invisalign, you don’t have to come in for the orthodontist to tighten your braces or adjust the placement of bands since you have each step of your aligner trays at home. You simply swap out your alignment trays, however often is recommended by your treatment plan.

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