Orthodontic Therapy


Orthodontic Therapy

When your teeth are not as beautiful as you would like because of poor alignment, orthodontic therapy can help you. An orthodontist specializes in diagnosing irregularities that occur in the face and mouth. They are probably most known for being the doctor that places braces on patients to help get teeth properly aligned.


One recent very popular option for getting straight teeth is Invisalign. Instead of using the old-fashioned metal braces, they use a series of clear plastic aligners. The clear plastic provides the powerful advantage of being almost completely invisible, which means no one has to know you are wearing them. This makes them perfect for teens and for adults of any age who want straight teeth. 

The Invisalign teeth straightening system consists of a series of aligners which look like teeth guards. They are custom-made and will perform the same duty as braces. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and then you put in a new one. Each aligner will help move your teeth slowly into the desired position to give you straight teeth. 

The aligners can be used on people with a variety of problems with their teeth. The dentist will expect patients to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day. They are used to correct such issues as:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Open bite. 

The Invisalign system offers some unique benefits that your teens, or you, are sure to love. One major difference between Invisalign and regular braces is that the Invisalign aligners are removable. This means that you will have no problem eating whatever you want because you simply take them out when you want to eat. Then, just brush your teeth and put them back in. This also prevents damage to your tooth enamel or discoloration that often occurs with braces. 

With most people, the Invisalign aligners will need to be worn for 12 to 18 months. If you want straight teeth but do not want everyone to know it, the Invisalign system from Champion Dental is ideal for you.


Another way to get straight teeth is to go with traditional braces. This time-proven system is still just as effective as ever. Tightening of the wires is conducted periodically to ensure that the teeth continue to move in the right direction. 

Even though braces are still the most common method of getting straight teeth, there are now several options available with them. Patients can get the:

  • Traditional metal braces – Although the braces will still be obvious, they now use smaller brackets, which are now available in many colors. You can also cause the treatment to go faster with heat-activated archwires that use body heat to move teeth faster – and with less pain. 
  • Ceramic braces – This style of braces is essentially the same thing as metal braces except that the brackets are tooth-colored. You can also get tooth-colored wires. 

The best time to get traditional braces is between the ages of 8 and 14. The jaw and teeth are still growing and the teeth will move faster at those ages. If desired, you can get them at any age – even some celebrities that are up in years will wear them.

In more severe cases of dental misalignment, surgery may be needed. If treatment is not given, misaligned teeth can result in various problems because they are harder to keep clean. Problems may include:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Loss of teeth
  • May make chewing more difficult
  • It may affect speech
  • May cause jaw problems.

Getting orthodontic therapy to correct problems and get beautifully straight teeth starts by visiting an orthodontist at Champion Dental. People of any age can get straight teeth. A beautiful smile may be only months away if you start soon.


Another way to get straight teeth is called ClearCorrect. This system is very similar to Invisalign in that it also uses a series of clear plastic aligners. Each aligner is worn for about three weeks and will slowly move your teeth into alignment, giving you a more beautiful smile.

This company claims that there are several advantages of its aligners over the competition. The aligners are thinner, which will make them more comfortable. They also are more comfortable because they move teeth a little slower. The thinner material means that they are even less visible. 

This system of custom-fit aligners will also correct a wide variety of dental problems. The problems include crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, gaps between teeth, and crooked teeth. More severe cases will likely be referred to using traditional braces.  

The ClearCorrect system of aligners is also removable when you want. This lets you eat what you want without having to worry about food getting caught in them. You also clean your teeth normally with a toothbrush and floss.

ClearCorrect offers three options for treatment with the cost depending on the option. The treatment time will vary from one to two years. The Unlimited plan gives patients as many aligners and retainers as are needed to complete the treatment – up to five years. The Limited 12 plan provides patients with 12 sets of aligners, and the Limited 6 plan gives patients 6 sets of aligners. You can get ClearCorrect products at Champion Dental.

No Show Lingual Braces

If you really want to hide the fact that you are wearing braces, there are some ways that you can. You can use very thin braces with clear wires or Invisalign, but both of these can be seen by people who are close. No show lingual braces are much harder to spot.

Instead of using the traditional approach of braces or aligners, no show lingual braces are placed behind your teeth. They still use the traditional method of brackets and wire, but most people will never see them. 

One difference is that standard braces will often use a simple curved wire. Some types of lingual braces may have a wire that is robot bent to conform to your teeth. This will help them be even harder to spot. 

Overall, with no show lingual braces, you can expect that the treatment period may be a little longer than with standard braces. You can also expect that it will cost a little more, too. Another difference is that your tongue will take a little time to get used to the brackets and wires.

If you want to hide the fact that you are correcting the alignment of your teeth, no show lingual braces are what you need. The dental specialists at Champion Dental can provide them for you, as well as any other kind you want. Just like with any other form of braces or teeth alignment systems, regular appointments will need to be made for tightening and to check on the progress.


After you have worn braces or used aligners for some time, your teeth should be well-aligned. It has taken months for them to reach the desired position and you are very glad to stop wearing the corrective devices. Although this phase of your teeth alignment has been completed, you will need to wear retainers to complete the next phase. 

Even though your teeth are now where you like them to be, the bone and gums that support them are not ready to hold them in that position. This is where a teeth retainer comes in. It will keep them in that position until the bone can do the job without support. Otherwise, the teeth will tend to move back into their original position. 

There are a couple of different types of retainers. One type will be cemented in place and may be worn as long as a couple of years. It is fastened to the backs of the teeth. Another type, which is the most common, is removable and it is held in place by wires that wrap around the teeth. Oftentimes, they only need to be worn at night, but some need to be worn for longer hours. A third type looks like a clear plastic tooth guard.

The length of time that a retainer needs to be worn will be determined by the orthodontist and how bad the condition was when treatment began. Removable retainers often need to be worn for 24 hours a day for anywhere from three to nine months. Retainers are usually part of the package when you get teeth alignment from Champion Dental. When teeth have minor misalignment, a retainer may be able to correct the problem by itself.

Six Month Smiles

When your teeth are misaligned, getting your teeth looking good will often take at least a year or more. The typical choices that you have are braces or clear aligners. That can be a long time to wait. Now you can get your teeth straightened in as little as six months with a product called Six Month Smiles. 

Although Six Month Smiles also use braces, there is one difference that enables you to get straight teeth in half a year – they only focus on straightening your front teeth. If you prefer, you can also get clear aligners. Of course, your front teeth are the teeth that most people see. The braces use clear plastic brackets and the wire is white, which helps them not to be so noticeable. In some cases, the two systems can be mixed, you can get braces for the lower teeth and aligners for the top teeth (or vice versa) – if the orthodontist thinks it is a good idea. 

The system is designed for adults – those who are 16 or older. It will work with most people. It can correct dental problems such as misaligned, crooked, or teeth with spaces between them. 

If you dread the thought of having to wear braces or aligners for a year or longer, this could be the ideal system you need. The dentists at Champion Dental will provide a free consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for it. Six months is an average time, but it can take anywhere from four to nine months to bring your front teeth in alignment. After the treatment has been completed, it will be necessary to wear a retainer to keep the teeth aligned. 

You can get those beautiful straight teeth you have always wanted with orthodontic therapy from Champion Dental. Our orthodontists can provide all of the options listed above. Call today for a free consultation or to learn more about your orthodontic therapy options.

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